Most of Todays visual design falls under the law of diminishing returns, you get what you pay for right? I created Masterz Multimedia To offer Design Firm level Production to just about anyone. Why Pay thousands to design firms who do not take your visuals seriously? on the flip side, Why seek out cheap design which ultimately is your selling point and foundation?
We know the design Market is full of flexible and professional designers. I am sure many of you enjoy your current designer and his/her work. maybe you have had a really bad experience with design or just made a bad judgement call. The key here is Educating the masses on what makes Great design possible. First and foremost it is experience via interpretation. Proper Brainstorming with a decent budget & Time frame definitely help. But in the grander scale of things it is the Job of the Visionary to bring everything to Life as it was dreamt by the designer or client. ” There is a power in everything; it is the job of the artist to determine it and express it. ”
– Mencius